In today’s society, businesses often rent high-rise buildings to make offices in the city center to facilitate travel, transactions and business with domestic and foreign partners. Besides, it is necessary to have a professional security team, many years of professional experience to ensure security and safety for customers.

Requires building protection

Protect property inside and outside the building.
Maintain the rules of new regulations to ensure the security and order arising during the operation.
Prevent and prevent theft forms from inside and outside.
Sticking to the outside does not allow those who are not responsible for entering the building
Prevent and prevent forms of theft from contractors, employees
Prevent and prevent fire, explosion, disrupt the security and order.

Vehicle protection duties

The security guard must check, document and physically carry over or bring the property before carrying out the registration procedure to ensure that the assets, equipment brought in or brought out are approved. of the building management and ensure the correct number of categories of property and equipment compared to the permit to bring goods in and out of the building management
Record full license plate numbers and vehicle entry and exit times
Arrange the car parked in the right place, right away to avoid traffic jams
Check the condition of the vehicle before entering the parking lot
Remember the car ticket when the car for the motorcycle to park and check the quarter logo with the prepaid car. Ensure logos are in expiry date according to building regulations
Tickets according to the form provided by the security company Long Hai

Security location of main entrance, main gate

Supervising people in and out of the building, detecting objects with suspicious signs blending into the building with the purpose of theft, vandalism … to combine with the active monitoring locations.
Instruct customers to sign the basket to track customers.
Guide you in and out the bridge bar
Check floors, camera placement, fire alarms and lift management.
Receive mail from a post office worker and deliver it to the front desk of the building.
Control the key type.

Patrol and protect the building

Go patrolling all floors of the building
Detect and prevent cases of illegal intrusion, theft, vandalism … in buildings.
Regularly check the system of internal security equipment such as fire protection system, lighting system for breakdown incidents to promptly notify the technical department of the building to repair.
Control the most expensive and easily lost equipment of the building
Always keep communication with good teammates to ensure the safety of the building

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